My life has been all about creativity. I was born into a multi-lingual family of writers, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, visual artists, athletes, doctors, scientists---and they all helped to make my childhood brilliant! I have always loved beautiful minds dedicated to bringing light, transparency, and truth to one and all.

Having spent most of that childhood living near Chicago, and then graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts from Valparaiso University, I decided to experience New York City as a citizen of the Big Apple. Twenty-three years later, I was enjoying my wonderful professional life which had brought me lots of happiness. On this website, I am showing some of the triumphs of my career, which I remember well and keep close in my heart and in my mind. In the assembly of images on the "Home" page, each must be clicked on individually, to open up text explaining the project.

My time in Manhattan ended abruptly in 2003, when my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. In light of this information I decided to return to the Midwest. Apparently, it seemed to others that I was making a monumental sacrifice, but that was not the case. Stepping into my mother's very difficult situation as her caregiver was unimaginably rewarding for both of us. I believe that one of the disconnecting features of modern life is the tendency to lose sight of the importance of honoring our relationships to others.

In the spring of 2016 my darling mother passed on. I have spent the time since then, allowing my grief to run its course. Though I will miss her for the rest of my life — as I do the many other great people who enhanced my childhood — I am looking forward to getting back into the workforce and continuing to be creative in its midst once again!

Please email me at:  N.Lytwakiwsky@gmail.com