After moving to Manhattan in the 1980's, I found myself in a network of freelance artists who loved working in what is now an extinct industry, formerly known as Audio/Visual. 

I found that Audio/Visual was a sort of rogue venue, as corporations hired small design firms who then hired artists and other freelance professionals to design and produce multi-media presentations for their large scale projects. Five-screen, fifteen-projector executive conference presentations and/or new product introductions, were the most frequent projects.

IBM's National And International Executive Conferences

I was hired as an art director by one of these small design firms. The client was IBM, and for their conferences we designed and produced various large scale fifteen-projector slide modules—as well as three-screen multi-media presentations—to inspire and extol their most senior executives.

You've probably guessed it — the text to IBM's primary multi-media presentation was titled "Eagles." The primitive drawing of an eagle here is an example of the way that the work to prepare the art for this type of "Audio/Visual" always ended up on one of thousands of slides. The slides were placed into carousels on top of projectors connected to computers. A multitude of effects were created by the complex pre-programming of the computers, then shown on the screens. This included animations, building of collages, creating light and color auras, quick-changing of photos, and much more. The text and its title "Eagles" were chosen to celebrate the senior executives by comparing their various qualities to those of the eagle.