Collections / Teacher's Edition

When I began on my path into children's educational publishing, I was soon introduced to the school series' most diffuse product — the Teacher's Edition!

Definitely a challenge at the beginning, the Teacher's Edition was a test of courage and a rite of passage. The Collections series, a Harcourt Reading/Language Arts Program, was my first venture into the unknown of the Teacher's Edition. I was given Grade 2's Teachers Edition's two separate programs, each with three themes, every one of the six total within its own book. After completing the Grade 2's Teachers Edition program books, I started on the Grade 5's program, consisting of 5 themes, every one of the 5 total, also in its own book.

Something New (2-1)

THEME 1 - Being Me!

THEME 2 - Helping Hands

THEME 3 - Our World