Mathematics/Big Book Stories

Here is a McGraw-Hill, Mathematics, Big Book Stories, Grade 1, Volume 2 book that I was very pleased to be asked to design. This series of 22" x 18" McGraw-Hill School Division classroom books contain seven stories with mathematical subjects, and are constructed in such a way that they delight and capture the imagination. 

It had occurred to me that having illustration styles matching the mathematics within each story would further the interest of the students. I received praise for this book, having chosen each illustrator according to how wonderfully their style adapted to a story, and then working closely with every illustrator to get the best possible products.


  • Story 8 - Five Friends
  • Story  9 - Busy Bugs, Indeed!
  • Story 10 - The Tick Tock Game
  • Story 11 - Sandcastles Everywhere
  • Story 12 - My Surprise!
  • Story 13 - Class Picnic
  • Story 14 - In My Garden